Datawalls helps the Customer build custom Tax management features into their cloud-hosted management software.

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Our Customer is a leading provider of tax solutions worldwide. The company developed a custom cloud-based management software enabling individuals , businesses, and enterprises to automate their tax activities. the customer  interested in using the software, in order to:

  • Get your fastest possible refund when you combine e-file (that’s electronic filing, and it’s what we do) with direct deposit.
  • Mark taxes off your to-do list anytime, from anywhere. File your return on the go with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Find all the credits and deductions you deserve to get every possible dollar back.

Seeking to keep in step with the end users’ expectations, the Customer requested Datawalls to extend the Tax software with additional management features.



Datawalls’s team was tasked with the full-cycle implementation of advanced design features and their integration with the existing management software. Designed for individuals, Self-Employed, small businesses as well as enterprises , the solution provides rich functionality for The most personalized guidance for your unique self-employed tax situation. Contractors, 1099ers, side hustlers, and the self-employed – we’ve got you.

Leveraging solid expertise in web portal development, management software development and cloud computing, datawalls team selected FFmpeg open source libraries and Amazon Web Services to implement the following features.

Editing Designs and Creating Forms

End users can Includes all credits like Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, all deductions and adjustments to income. The solution allows users to load large files and fast fill info with W-2 import and PDF upload

Live chat for quick technical support

To ensure seamless experience and on-the-fly editing, Datawall’s team built a support system that allows chat support, emails, and more.

Personalized guide to self-employed taxes

Datawalls integrated the solution with the Microsoft Expression Encoder to let users add music and effects to videos without losing its quality. The system uses Amazon CloudFront content delivery network providing end users with high-speed real-time data transfer. Our team created an intuitive and compelling user interface matching the one of the Customer’s solution. A catching and enjoyable interface, a quick response and an original look and feel altogether contribute to the positive user experience.


Development Process

The collaboration on developing the components within the existing management software started with the in-depth requirements gathering and analysis essential to the proper architecture design and development. During the development stage, Datawalls kept the Customer informed about the new functional implementations and the emerging challenges at the project’s complex stages, such as web services infrastructure deployment and editing or conversion features implementation on the server side.

Quality Assurance

Datawalls delegated dedicated QA specialists to ensure the high quality of the delivered software. The project was covered by all-round QA, including pre-release code reviews and manual unit, acceptance, and regression testing to examine whether the enhancements meet the Customer’s requirements.



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Upon the request of a sports industry solution provider, Datawalls enriched the functionality of a custom sports management software. The implemented video editing and streaming capabilities allowed making sports video design and distribution easier, faster and more flexible.